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Network Server

16 Bay RAID Storage
RAID 0,1,5,6,10,50 and 60
Power Usage: 476W


Machine -chip solution using SAS expanders PMC-Sierra 's PM8388 SXP 24 channels X3G

PM8388 features:

· Flexible 24-port SAS expander devices

· Virtual SSP target / initiator port

· Low latency connections arbitration

. Support for 1024 entries in the routing table , direct routing and subtractive routing

· Integrated non-blocking cross- connect switch allows any port to any port

· Any SAS wide port configuration

· STP bridge function allows SAS or SATA target device is connected to any port

· Integrated RISC processor SAS SMP support functions and SES

· Three configurable multi-master or slave mode TWI interface , the external interface device configuration and control

· Debug UART interface support

. SFF-8485 standard serial GPIO (SGPIO) interface provides up to 144 GPIO expansion.

SAS JBOD storage system ~ 3U 16 -bay supports 64TB, supports up to 256 SAS or SATA hard drives,

system storage can be flexibly expanded to 15 units cascade.

Overall storage solution: supports 28 to 268 hard drives (1T ~ 4T), the maximum disk capacity 1072T  

Storage Management Server: Quanta S99K 2U (Intel 16 -core thread Xeon 2.27G, 32G RAM)

Storage: PMC Rack (16 * 3.5 HDD)

Supports cascading 15 PMC Rack enclosures extended to 256 bit Maximum 1072T                                                           

Overall storage solution B: 24 to 264 hard drives support (1T ~ 4T), the maximum disk capacity 1056T