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SEECAM Security Systems is one of the

fastest growing and most innovative security

company and a Leading Brand in the UK

SEECAM is an independent security systems integrator providing the full security systems package and a comprehensive range of services for our customers. This includes specialist network skills with IP convergence.


Trusted and supportive security experts


Our experience is extensive, we have been in operation for over 17 years and has been part of the progression of technology during the analogue era to the present digital IP world we now live in. our business is independent, which makes us flexible to make the right choices for you. Our engineering design skills will provide you with a sustainable solution.


Who we are

ü  A Leading Provider of Integrated, electronic security solutions

ü  The UK’s Leading Security company with 17 Years of experience

ü  We design, Install and maintain security solutions that meet the client requirements

ü  We are having a full security system solutions and a comprehensive range of services to our customers.

Leading independent Security Experts

Our business has been in operation for over 17 years and our people have extensive experience in the electronic security industry. We know and understand about security. So that we are manufacturing high quality and efficient security systems suits for both home business and personal.


Our design methodology means we provide you with a fit for purpose security system that delivers all of the functionality within your budget. We design sustainable solutions that operate over open standards to provide you with maximum flexibility.




Our growth commenced organically in 1997, followed by significant company Acquisitions made during the last decade.


We are now employing our business with dedicated peoples, the majority being the engineering force. Our branch network of offices enables International coverage. This allows us to provide an effective service delivery for both local and national business.


Vision & Mission



We are dedicated to work for a future world where all individuals enjoy personal and property security at home and at work and to exceed customer expectations for quality and professional service.



The fundamental mission of us is to protect the life and property of the customers we serve in a manner consistent with the highest ideals within our industry and to take advantage of those scientific advancements which will help us succeed in that endeavour. We dedicate ourselves to providing unsurpassed, personalized, quality Security Systems. Whether your security concerns are residential or commercial, local or global, large or small – we provide customized solutions to suit your needs in all situations




We provide a full turnkey project services for security system solutions to our customers.

We also provide a reliable customer service support package. We are ensuring to meet our customer support expectations. Our service revenue are a key business metric for us and customer retention is our No.1 Priority!



Our Engineering force is our greatest asset. We continuously develop and train our people and fully equip them to enable a first class engineering service.

Project Working

SEECAM has experience in the delivery of security system packages in the project environment. Project can be delivered directly to customer or in under a construction team. In both instances a fully project managed service is provided. Our engineering teams work for our clients to deliver a project managed implementation inclusive of all requirements. Our company has all of the required resources to delivering services to our customers from our regional branch network. Which can cover all our national and international customers?